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Download the full version of Aron Nimzowitsch - "My System" here for free!

  • A must own chess book written by a Russian born, Danish leading chess master. This book contains essential principles in chess and guarantees success and improvement, if studied correctly and efficiently. Even though this book was written in 1925, it still has a huge impact on modern day chess because the majority of Aron Nimzowitsch's principles are still relevant in the 21st century. A must read.

Download the full version of the book "Chess Fundamentals" written by Jose Raul Capablanca here for free!

This book is written by Jose Raul Capablanca, a Cuban chess champion who was the World Chess Champion from 1921 to 1927. He was known for his excellent endgame play and was nicknamed "The Human Chess Machine." This book will teach you all the chess fundamentals there is, and if studied, will improve your game!

Download the full version of the book "What it takes to become a Chess Master" by Andrew Soltis here for free!

  • A very nice book with excellent information on how to confront chess. More exact, to identify which plan in your position is the most important to pursue.

Download Flipping PDF Reader here.

  • It is a more suitable pdf reader than Adobe for reading chess books in pdf format. More user friendly and soft to the eyes as well as easy-to-use.


Download Chess Assistant 12 Lite Version here.

  • Chess Assistant 12 Lite provides you with most basic functions of the Chess Assistant family of products for free.

Download the full version of Fritz 5.32 here for free!

  • The old but strong chess engine Fritz 5.32 with a suitable GUI makes for an enjoyable experience. To install in Windows 7, right-click on 532Setup.exe, choose Properties, select the Compatibility tab, and Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 98 / Windows Me.

Download the full version of Arena 3.0 Chess GUI here for free!

  • Arena is a free Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess. Arena assists you in analyzing and playing games as well as in testing chess engines. Includes various strong chess engines.

Download the Houdini 3 Aquarium demo version here.


    • Houdini 3 Aquarium is a revolutionary analysis, database and chess publishing tool, combined with the world’s strongest chess playing engine, Houdini 3. Houdini 3 Aquarium offers advanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerful chess trees, playing against the computer, databases, advanced publishing features and much more.

     Download Fritz 1.0 Chess Software here for free!
    • ChessBase first born. With kind permission from ChessBase chief Matthias W├╝llenweber.

    Download Chessbase 3.0 Chess Software here for free!
    • Golden oldie from 1991

    Download ChessMaster 2100 Chess Software here for free!
    • ChessMaster 2100 (1988) by The Software Toolworks.


    Download Million Base 2.2 database here for free!

    • This database contains 2.2 million quality chess games in pgn format. After 5 years an update with 500,000 new games mainly from the archives TWIC. Database is now up to date till January 2013. After downloading click on the self-extracting executable.

    Download the pgn file containing all games of Deep Blue vs Kasparov here.

    • The games of the immortal 1996 and 1997 matches.

    Download the pgn file containing the games of Man vs Machine here.
    • Fritz vs Kramnik 2002, Junior vs Kasparov 2003, Fritz vs Kramnik 2006.

    Download the pgn file of the WCCC 1974 - 2011 here.
    • Games of the Computer Chess World Championships.

    Download the pgn file of all blitz and rapid matches of the 2013 World Blitz Championship here.
    •   The 2013 World Blitz Chess Championship displayed exiting chess by world class grandmasters.
    Play online Chess at several sites for free!!!

    Click here to download Rybka 3 engine!!!!


    1. my Million Base 2.2 size is very big(1gb)on extracting
      I can't open it
      so help me

      1. What's the problem exactly? Perhaps you are running low on disc space.

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    2. Replies
      1. My pleasure, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    3. i could not get the source to download my system. Has it been removed? pls, let us know

      1. What are you trying to download?

      2. What it takes to become a chess master

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    5. Really find helpful :) thanks :)

    6. you are so helpful and kind !
      Thank you very much !
      I hope I will be a GM a day !

    7. Wow - this is one cool blog. Though I myself prefer FreeSoftware. Why not include some links for SCID [Shane's Chess Information Database]?

      go here..

      and, here..

      If you have Ubuntu, simply install it out of the sources..

      sudo apt-get install scid

      [latest version: 4.6.4]